Photos courtesy of Jill Powell

Meet Jill Powell, ARDELL’S Beauty of the Week.  

She is a loyal, hardworking, inspiring, and is sharing her beauty secrets with us!  

AR: Describe your earliest beauty memory.  
JP: I asked for Little Miss Makeup (basically a doll head) for Christmas when I was maybe 5 years old and was so mad when I learned that you dipped the eyeshadow wand in water and the makeup magically appeared on the doll - I had no creative control over the look so then just used the doll head to teach myself how to braid and do other hairstyles. Sometimes I would borrow my mom’s eyeshadows and put them on the doll myself. I remember doing my aunt’s hair and makeup for her wedding in maybe 1992- I was 11. I also used to do my mom’s makeup before work most days because she said I was better at putting it on than she was. So I truly believe I was destined for this career. Even as an athlete I wore a full face of makeup to every practice and game - you gotta look good to play good! 
AR: Who had the biggest beauty influence on you growing up?

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so I was drawn to natural beauty icons like Cindy Crawford and intrigued with the makeup on celebrities like Pamela Anderson. I followed makeup artists like Billy B and Kevin Aucoin and learned so much from them. I also worked in retail makeup and had so many amazing coworkers and trainers that really inspired me - Gregory Arlt, Gina Betelli, Raquel Moreno, Brian Bond, Jose Rivera, Gilbert Soliz and so many more. I started my career before YouTube and social media, so I first learned from the back of drugstore eyeshadow packages (it had a diagram on the back on where to place each color) then continued to learn from looking at magazines and attending in person masterclasses.   


Portrait shot 1 Portrait shot 1

Photos courtesy of Jill Powell

AR: Tell us about yourself.
JP: I am a celebrity makeup artist based in Southern California. I live in the Temecula/Murrieta area but primarily work in Los Angeles and also travel the world with my clients. I have been in this industry over 20 years and have been doing makeup ever since I can remember. I always did my family’s makeup and practiced at night on myself (before I was old enough/allowed to wear makeup). I began doing makeup for various school dances in my area when I was in high school and that continued through college when I got into retail makeup. I became a PRO artist for Sephora and then transitioned into full time celebrity makeup. I married my college sweetheart Tommy when I was just 24 years old and we have 2 incredible children, Reece and Brooklyn. I am a go-getter and don’t like to say no to any opportunities. I love what I do, love to travel and love educating others on beauty.   
AR: What is something that you no longer believe about beauty that you once did?
JP: I once believed that to be beautiful it meant perfect hair, perfect skin, the right sized nose and lips, a specific face shape etc. As I have grown older, I really love being unique and finding each person’s unique qualities because that’s what I feel makes them beautiful.        


Portrait shot 2 Portrait shot 2

Photos courtesy of Jill Powell

AR: How do you define beauty today? 
JP: I believe there is beauty in everything. Everything is beautiful, you just have to appreciate the uniqueness of the beauty. I think our world is migrating a little toward this direction and I love seeing less “cookie cutter” beauty being used in ads and campaigns. I’m loving that beauty isn’t defined by one definition. Individuality and uniqueness is what is beautiful about our world.         
AR: Do you have any favorite beauty practices that you swear by?
JP: SPF. I have freckles so I have worked SPF on my face since I was a little girl. I believe that has been my saving grace to keeping my skin looking as youthful as possible. I also swear by collagen and alpha hydroxy acids. I believe these are the best ingredients to have in your skincare routine. Last but not least - curling your lashes. Even with no makeup on, if you curl your lashes, you instantly look more awake and polished.             


“Everything is beautiful, you just have to appreciate the uniqueness of the beauty”
– Jill Powell

AR: When do you feel most beautiful? 
JP: I feel the most beautiful when I am fully done - hair and makeup done and outfit on point. I love to look good. I don’t like to be overdone or the center of attention - so always more natural hair and makeup, and a simple but chic outfit - but one where I feel confident.        
AR: What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever discovered?  
JP: There are so many! I do love to add a tiny bit of blush to the crease of the eyes to warm them up and pull the whole look together. I also like to use a beauty oil on top of makeup if it’s looking too heavy or powdery- just take a small drop and rub it between your palms and fingertips and light press on the face on top of makeup.            
AR: What’s your go-to makeup or skincare routine? 
JP: I am religious about skincare. I have certain products/ ingredients I can’t live without. It’s a little extensive but it’s also quick.  
- Wash with AHA/BHA Cleanser 
- Glycolic/lactic acid serum (Sunday Riley Good Genes and Drunk Elephant) 
- Collagen serum (Algenist Liquid Collagen) 
- Vitamin C Serum (currently using Sunday Riley CEO and Dr Dennis Gross) 
- Moisturizer (I use a few different ones depending on the climate- Allie’s of Skin, Tatcha, Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask) 
- Eye Cream (Algenist triple algae eye balm and Dr Dennis Gross Eye Serum) 
- SPF I’m addicted to Supergoop Glow Screen 
- Neck Cream (I also apply all the above Pepsi ya to my neck but recently added a neck cream by Skin Medica as I am noticing some aging in my neck) 
- For Breakouts I use Renee Rouleau Rapid Detox mask and Hero or Peace Out patches  
- I also exfoliate a couple times a week with Renee Rouleau Triple Berry Peel or Dr. Lancer scrub 
- I use retinol in the winter a couple times a week as well (currently using Skin Medica and love it) 
My go to makeup routine is super basic - I’m busy and I don’t like to spend more than 5-7 minutes on my makeup everyday unless I am going to an event. After skincare I apply a primer with my fingers (I either use Kevin Aucoin primer or CaliRay collagen primer). Then I apply foundation all over (I usually mix 2 colors and formulas to give me dimension and I change up foundations all the time. There are too many I love. Currently I am using Lancome Teint Idole and Dior Backstage). Then I apply bronzer to my cheekbones and forehead (currently using Iconic London), then blush to the apples of my cheeks (currently using Armani). Then I fill in my brows with a brow pencil (I have about 7 different ones in my bag and rotate them- been loving the Sephora Collection recently as well as Too Faced and Make Up For Ever). Then I apply a brown shimmery liner to my bottom lash line and sometimes add a black liner to my waterline and outer corner on the top. (I use NudeStix, NARS, Sephora Collection, Urban Decay, One Size and Make Up Forever- yes I have all of them in my bag and rotate because I am lazy/busy and don’t sharpen them all the time). I apply Wispies cut up to the underside of my lashes and top with mascara (top and bottom). Sometimes I add concealer under the eyes (NARS, PUR, Tarte or Sephora) and sometimes do lips (Charlotte Tilbury Iconic Nude and KKW lipstick are my go-to combo). I rarely use powder but sometimes add Laura Mercier Translucent Powder or One Size Powder foundation lightly with a brush and when I know I have a long day I set with Setting Spray (I have a mini Urban Decay All Nighter in my bag)      


AR: What is your favorite beauty trend right now?   
JP: I love the lighter more natural skin and less is more makeup approach.    
AR: Do you listen to music when you get ready? If so, who is on your playlist? 
JP: I usually get ready in the car since I am on the go so much so there is usually music or a podcast playing. I’ve been getting back into country these days and love Morgan Wallen and Sam Hunt. If not country, it’s usually pop or 90’s hip hop - depending on my current mood. I always go back to 90’s hip hop because you can’t go wrong with that!      
AR: In addition to making people feel beautiful, how do you like to spend your free time?  
JP: I love traveling, spending time with my husband and kids and going to restaurants 
with my friends. I’m a big foodie! 
AR: What would someone never guess about you? 
JP: I have 2 kids (ages 15 and 12) and have a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology.         


Portrait shot  3 Portrait shot  3

Photos courtesy of Jill Powell

AR: What is one of your favorite inspirational quotes?  
JP: It’s better to be hated for who you are than liked for who you aren’t. - so basically be YOU and don’t try to be someone you aren’t. Own your self and identity and those that like you will flock to you and those that don’t, don’t need to be in your space. That goes for artistry too.   
AR: What’s next for you?

I definitely have dreams of launching something and have worked on various mockups but have never had enough time to dedicate to it. So I would love to collab with a brand because my ideas are amazing and really needed in the industry. It’s hard being a full-time working mom that has to dedicate hours to my work, hours to my commute and when I am home, hours to my family. I’m a hustler and don’t ever sit still - so I know something will come to fruition some day when I can dedicate the time.  



AR: What are your favorite ARDELL lash styles? Why?
JP: Wispies because they look natural and are full but fluttery. I love length in the center to make eyes look more open and they look good on almost everyone.         
AR: What keeps you coming back to ARDELL lashes?
JP: The thin band, the natural styles, the variety of styles and the quality. Plus, they are the most comfortable lashes to wear. And super affordable!   
AR: What is the trick for the perfect ARDELL lash application?

My favorite trick is to actually cut the lash strip into 5 equal pieces and place them on in sections. I feel like it creates a more natural effect, it’s more comfortable to wear and I can customize the lash to each client. I was so happy when you launched the pre-cut lashes but feel most people don’t know this amazing trick. It makes lash application so much easier for a beginner too!

AR: Best ARDELL lash style for an everyday look
JP: It depends on your eye shape - but some of my favs are Wispies and Wispies 122. I also love Naked Lash 422.     
AR: Best ARDELL lash style for an all-out Glam look
JP: I’m obsessed with the new Wispies 704 and have been using those a lot. I also love the Double Up Wispies 113, Remy lash 782, Mega Volume 259. For a bit fuller lash, I also use Studio Effects 231. I don’t use a ton of super long/full lashes on my clients unless their eyes can handle a lot of lash - if they can handle it I use 8D 951 lashes or Big Beautiful Cheeky lashes. I’m also a huge fan of layering and customizing so sometimes I’ll add individuals or a piece of a strip in the center or on the end for added fullness or length.        
AR: Mascara on top of ARDELL Lashes or Nah?
JP: It depends. I love doing a natural lash and adding mascara to make it look like they are your own lashes. I will also add a touch of mascara to areas of the lash where I want to add a touch more emphasis or to help push the lash up a bit. Some lashes don’t need any mascara, but I would say I use mascara more often than not on Ardell lashes.      
AR: What other ARDELL products do you use + love?
JP: I love the Ardell brow pencils - they are fine and are perfect undertones so I can feather stroke the appearance of hairs to make brow look more full and natural.     
AR: What is your go-to DUO lash glue formula?
JP: Duo dark in the squeeze tube.  







REMY LASH 782 image REMY LASH 782 image


NAKED LASH 422 image NAKED LASH 422 image




WISPIES 122 image WISPIES 122 image