Meet LiDav,
ARDELL’S Beauty of the week.

She is honest, fun, sweet and is sharing her
beauty secrets with us!

AR: Describe your earliest beauty memory.
LI: My mom always wore blue eyeshadow growing up. So whenever I think of my first time remembering makeup, it's always my mom's blue eyeshadow. 
AR: Who had the biggest beauty influence on you growing up?

My mom – she was always an example of someone who loved putting on makeup and getting dolled up. 

She was always worried I wouldn't be into beauty because I was always hiding under baggy clothes and very tomboyish. Now she can’t get me to stop shopping for beauty and my entire life and career is beauty!


Beauty of the week Portrait of woman wearing Ardell Lash Style WispiesBeauty of the week Portrait of woman wearing Ardell Lash Style Wispies
AR: What is something that you no longer believe about beauty that you once did?
LI: That you needed to look like a Victoria’s Secret model to be considered beautiful. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Thanks to social media, we are actually witnessing the actuality of that!
AR: How do you define beauty today?
LI: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I had to put my own definition on it, beauty is what makes you feel like the best version of you. 


Portrait shot of woman 2Portrait shot of woman 2
AR: Do you have any favorite beauty practices that you swear by?
LI: Drinking water! There is no better beauty secret other than water. 
AR: When do you feel most beautiful?
LI: When my skin is tanned and all I need is my skincare, mascara, and gloss!


"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If I had to put my own definition on it, beauty is what makes you feel like the best version of you"
– Lidav

AR: What’s your go-to makeup routine?
LI: My everyday routine is literally 5 minutes. Tinted moisturizer, concealer, cream bronzer, blush, a little setting powder, mascara and lipstick!
AR: What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever discovered?
LI: Skincare is your primer!!!! If your skincare is on point your makeup almost always will be too. 


AR: Do you listen to music when you get ready? If so, who is on your playlist?
LI: I usually listen to music or motivation talks. Makeup is a form of therapy for me so my music choice has to set me in the right mood (I listen to chill house or a Russian playlist curated by my brother haha).
AR: What would someone never guess about you?
LI: I am a complete introvert and that I was actually born in Uzbekistan (It’s a shocker whenever people find out).
AR: What’s next for you?
LI: I will continue to inspire the community to use beauty as a tool to enhance their natural selves to feel their best and not to hide behind it through motivational tutorials and possibly a podcast down the line.


Portrait shot of woman 3Portrait shot of woman 3


AR: What are your favorite ARDELL lash styles? Why?
LI: Wispies…they are iconic.
AR: What keeps you coming back to ARDELL lashes?
LI: The price…and that they are one of the most comfortable lashes.
AR: What is the trick for the perfect ARDELL lash application?
LI: Letting your lash glue get a little tacky and then securing the front of the lash first then the rest. 
AR: How old were you when you discovered ARDELL and DUO Lash glues were one and the same?
LI: 20 years old.
AR: Best lash style for an everyday look
LI: #424 Naked Lashes or #110.
AR: Best lash style for an all-out Glam look
LI: Faux Mink #817.
AR: Mascara on top of Lashes or Nah?
LI : Only the tiniest bit.
AR: What other ARDELL products do you use + love?
LI: To be honest, I’ve only ever used duo and lashes.



Naked Lash 424Naked Lash 424


Natural 110Natural 110


Faux Mink 817Faux Mink 817


Demi WispiesDemi Wispies