Meet Natalie,
ARDELL’S Beauty of the week.

She is passionate, considerate, aspiring and is sharing her
beauty secrets with us!

AR: Tell us about yourself? 
NA: I am a Los Angeles born makeup artist. I started freelancing in 2013 after working at Sephora for 3 years. I’m passionate about makeup and I focus building my artistry every day. 
AR: Describe your earliest beauty memory.

In grade school I loved helping my friends put makeup on specifically bronzer and lip gloss. The lip gloss that was a roll on!   


Portrait shot of woman 1 Portrait shot of woman 1
AR: Who had the biggest beauty influence on you growing up?
NA: My sister Vanessa. She would always do my makeup for special events and I always thought wow, I wish I knew how to apply makeup. 
AR: What is something that you no longer believe about beauty that you once did?
NA: That you have to wear foundation/base before applying any other makeup product. I love doing a makeup-no makeup look without using foundation/base. 


Portrait shot of woman 2 Portrait shot of woman 2
AR: How do you define beauty today?
NA: Beauty today is confidence and will always be confidence. 
AR: Do you have any favorite beauty practices that you swear by?
NA: Yes! Curling my false lashes before applying them!  


"Beauty today is confidence and will always be confidence."
– Natalie

AR: When do you feel most beautiful?
NA: After a Pilates class! I feel strong and glowy!  
AR: What’s your go-to makeup or skin care routine?
NA: I love wearing my moisturizer, eye cream, applying my glowy sunblock, concealer under eyes and around nose, buffing a little translucent powder where concealer is and can’t go anywhere without bronzer and cream highlight! Mascara and brows are a must! For lips I love just a chapstick with a tint. No gloss usually.  


AR: What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever discovered? 
NA: Curling my false eyelashes before applying them!
AR: Do you listen to music when you get ready? If so, who is on your playlist?
NA: Yes! Always have 2000’s R& B playing! 
AR: What would someone never guess about you?
NA: That I have a gold medal in roller skating from when I was 15! 
AR: What's next for you?
NA: Continuing to build artistry and get better each day! Meet  and work with new clients! Grow my brand and possibly start a beauty brand!


Portrait shot of woman 3 Portrait shot of woman 3


AR: What are your favorite ARDELL lash styles? Why?
NA: Naked lashes but specifically #421! These lashes look great on everyone! 
AR: What keeps you coming back to ARDELL lashes?
NA: The different types of lashes that continue to come out do the brand! The lash bands are so thin and nonexistent which makes for a picture perfect application.  
AR: What is the trick for the perfect ARDELL lash application?
NA: Definitely measure your lash to the eye before applying. Cut away anything that doesn’t fit the eye from the inside corner. Curl your lash before applying them. Let the glue become tacky before applying! Use a lash applicator for perfect placement! 
AR: Best ARDELL lash style for an everyday look
NA: Naked lash #420
AR: Best lash style for an all-out Glam look
NA: Naked lash #431
AR: Mascara on top of Lashes or Nah?
NA: Before and after lashes!  
AR: What other ARDELL products do you use + love?
NA: Wispies 4D mascara! 
AR: What is your go-to DUO lash glue formula?
NA: Quick set strip lash glue in clear 



Demi Wispies Demi Wispies


Natural 110 Natural 110


Faux Mink 817 Faux Mink 817


Naked Lash 424 Naked Lash 424