Meet Michael,
ARDELL’S Beauty of the week.

He is social, funny and creative and is sharing his
beauty secrets with us!

AR: Describe your earliest beauty memory.
MI:  Watching my grandma do her makeup.
AR: Who had the biggest beauty influence on you growing up?

My grandmother was always ready when I was growing up. No matter what, if she was going anywhere or not, she always had her hair and makeup done. It wasn’t until I did her makeup for her and my grandfather’s 50th anniversary that I saw her without her makeup.  


Portrait shot of woman 1 Portrait shot of woman 1
AR: What is something that you no longer believe about beauty that you once did?
MI: That there are rules. When I was first going through school, it feels very structured and there is only one way to do things. But once you start exploring and creating you realize there really are no rules to makeup. 
AR: How do you define beauty today?
MI: Whatever makes you feel beautiful. For me, when I work with clients it’s not my job to make them what I “think” is beautiful, but to make them feel beautiful.


Portrait shot of woman 2 Portrait shot of woman 2
AR: Do you have any favorite beauty practices that you swear by?
MI: Skincare. Skincare. Skincare. I think that no matter what you do, never forget your skin. 
AR: When do you feel most beautiful?
MI: When I’m tan. I come from the Jersey Shore era haha. So for me, being tan is the most beautiful. 


"When I work with clients it’s not my job to make them what I “think” is beautiful, but to make them feel beautiful."
– Michael

AR: What’s your go-to makeup routine or skincare routine?
MI: I always start with a gentle cleanser, toner and then go in with my eye cream and serums. Lastly, moisturizer and can never forget sunscreen! 
AR: What is the best beauty tip you’ve ever discovered?
MI: That makeup is making it up as you go and ever since I was told that, I felt so much more confident in creating. 


AR: Do you listen to music when you get ready? If so, who is on your playlist?
MI: Of course!! My music taste is ever changing, but always will have Gaga!!
AR: What would someone never guess about you?
MI: That makeup was not my first career choice.
AR: What’s next for you?
MI: A lot of fun things on the horizon that I can’t say just yet, but I am very excited and thankful to be able to create and do what I love with people who appreciate it!


Portrait shot of woman 3 Portrait shot of woman 3


AR: What are your favorite ARDELL lash styles? Why?
MI: Wispies because of the versatility of them. 
AR: What keeps you coming back to ARDELL lashes?
MI: Consistency. I know I can always rely on Ardell! 
AR: What is the trick for the perfect ARDELL lash application?
MI: Sizing. Make sure the lashes you are using don’t over extend your eye. 
AR: Best ARDELL lash style for an everyday look
MI: Individual flares.
AR: Best lash style for an all-out Glam look
MI: Stacking lashes. I like starting with Wispies and then adding a more drama lash on top. 
AR: Mascara on top of Lashes or Nah?
MI: Always, it just blends is all together. 
AR: What other ARDELL products do you use + love?
MI: Been loving the new face gem kits, very on trend. 
AR: What is your go-to DUO lash glue formula?
MI: Classic clear always.



Faux Mink 817 Faux Mink 817


Natural 110 Natural 110


Demi Wispies Demi Wispies


Naked Lash 424 Naked Lash 424