How To Videos


Introducing Seamless Undies  Lash Extensions

Enhance your lashes discreetly with our Set & Forget system. Lightweight, comfy for sleep, and lasts up to 10 days. Be your own lash expert at home with our Step by Step video guide.



Learn how to create a perfectly full and feathery look with our cult-favorite Wispies lashes + DUO QuickSet adhesive (a match made in lash heaven).



Featuring our biggest lashes yet, Pro MUA Jade Munson walks us through this simple makeup tutorial featuring Ardell Mega Volume 250 lashes!



Learn how to create fine-feathering brush strokes that will transform sparse brows into fully formed, dimensional arches using our Stroke-A-Brow Feathering Pen.



Create a sweetly seductive eye look with Wispies™ fiber-building mascara!



Curious about how each Vinyl Vixen™ shade looks on? Watch as Pro MUA Jade Munson tries on each full-bodied, honey-textured lacquer color!



Learn how to easily recreate Jade’s diva-approved party look.Your favorite (but painful) pair of shoes have met their match with our must-have Footwear Solutions! The Shoe Comfort Kit includes 3 different products packaged together, so you can go from stiletto to boot, to sandals, flats, and sneakers, while the Haute™ Heels Soothing Foot Spray stops shoe suffering BEFORE it starts! This powerful spray is tiny enough to fit into your smallest clutch so you can dance the night away.



Watch as Ardell Beauty Global Ambassador Jade Munson shows you how to apply our strip lashes in just a few easy steps.



Flirty looks are now effortless with magnetic lashes—just place and press. Watch the how-to video now and go fully glam in no time.



Choose Individuals lashes for total customization and apply as many or as few as you want — the lash possibilities are endless.