Perfectly Imperfect

Discover 6 all-new lash styles that are playfully tousled and super wearable for a fresh, modern take on beauty. It’s no longer a one-style-fits-all. Each style offers the most distinct lash fibers to create fullness and volume for the first ever uniquely textured lashes.

Lash Style 575
is subtly flared with staggered curls for a fluffy effect

Lash Style 576
is flared, curled, and ultra-textured for a fearless, standout look

Lash Style 577
is the most subdued style from the collection which is great for newbies: it’s lightly flared and features slight clustering for a feathery, 3D result

Lash style 578
is also clustered but it has a more dramatic and flirty flare than 577, so it’s a little sexier

Lash style 579
creates the perfect bright and wide-eyed effect, with its longest fibers in the center. You end up with feathery, textured layers and an alluring rounded silhouette.

Lash style 580
features an eye-brightening rounded silhouette, tousled alternating layers, and sultry long lengths for a super dose of shaggy texture. Think: sexy bedhead, but for lashes!