Full strip lashes when you want an easy and glam beauty look without too much customization. Because they’re already pre-arranged on a thin and comfortable band, all you need is adhesive and you’re good to go.


  1. Align the lash band with your natural lash line to check the fit. Trim the outer end if required.
  2. Apply a thin line of lash adhesive to the lash band and wait for 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky.
  3. Place the lash band as close to your natural lash line as possible and gently press down to secure.
  4. To remove, simply peel off the lash from the outer edge and carefully remove adhesive from the band to reuse.


Perfect for when you know exactly where and how much you’d like to enhance your own lashes, individuals lashes come in a variety of lengths and volume. Get the exact look you’re dreaming of by applying as many or as little individuals as you want!


  1. Gently remove individuals lash from tray using tweezers.
  2. Apply a drop of lash adhesive onto foil, the back of the package hang card or other surface and wait for 30 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky. We recommend LashTite adhesive as it has a stronger bond that’s perfect for individuals lashes, giving you up to 2 weeks of wear!
  3. Dip the base of the individuals lashes into the adhesive.
  4. Place the individuals lash over your natural lashes, as close to the lash line as possible.
  5. To remove, Moisten two cotton swabs with a specially formulated lash remover or baby oil. Place one swab above the lashes and one below. Gently massage the two swabs back and forth until the lashes come off. Never pull or tug!